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Jeff Christian Partners

The Worlds Best Practice Talent Equity Search Firm

Tomorrow's Greatest Leaders, Today.


Who We Are

We are a Talent Equity Firm delivering Extraordinary Leadership that drives Predictive High-Performance Business Outcomes, in pursuit of our Country's Technological Superiority and National Security.

As a result of our advanced targeted talent/deal engines, Industry Best Practices/IP in talent Engineering, and Market Intel, we are an "Invite Only" Firm, we know what we want to know.

What We Do

Talent Driven Highest Performance Business Outcomes in AI/Machine Learning, Analytics, Space, Cyber, Aerospace/Defence, Digital, Internet, and Robotics, in pursuit of our Country's Technological Superiority and  National Security.


Global Corporations

CEO: HP, F5 Networks, WebMD
C-Suite/Top Leadership: Adobe, Amazon,  Cisco,  Harris Corp, Microsoft, Apple,  Siemens Corp, GE,  Booz Allen, UTC, IBM

Fast-Growing Tech Companies

CEO: F5 Networks, Upwork WebMD, Thermoscan, Hyperion, Chipcom
C-Suite: Esurance, Yahoo, Amazon

Advisory/Governing Directorships

DIrectionships: HP, Adobe, Biogen

Apple: Steve Jobs last two board Searches

PE/VC: Early Stage Companies


 We Work With The Best


“The things I like most about Jeff is he’s innovative and he gets things done himself. He knows how to work the network and the relationships that he’s built up and I’ve always been so impressed with the quality of people he’s been able to surface”

- John Sculley, Former CEO of Apple

“If you want to build a successful business, Jeffrey Christian’s book offers the most essential lesson: Invest in the best people and do everything you can to hold on to them"

- Vinod Khosla, Founder of Khosla Ventures

“One of the reasons I like Jeff is that he’s very energetic and very aggressive. I guess you might characterize his approach as somewhat fresher from the normal recruiters that have the gigantic databases. He can dig in corners that they wouldn’t necessarily dig in and, as a result, Jeff comes up with some candidates that they may not have thought of.”

- Lew Platt, Former CEO of Hewlett Packard Co.

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Jeff Christian , Founder and CEO of Jeff Christian Partners

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